Why get a Soldier's Box?

The digital counterpart to your traditional will

family and files

The problem

Most of us have thousands of physical and digital files and dozens of online accounts. Some have emotional or sentimental value like family photos, videos and social media accounts, for example. Others have financial value such as an online lottery account with money deposited in it. And many have practical value like online mortgage contracts, online banking accounts or the text file where you store all the pin codes for your tablets and iPhones.

If you're smart you probably already back up your data to a removable hard drive or cloud service. You probably know where the important stuff is and could find it if you needed to. But what if you were to die or become incapacitated?

What would happen to all your digital assets if you were no longer able to access them? How would your family or friends find them? Even if they knew or could guess your passwords would they be able to sort through all of your files to find what is important?

The Soldier's Box solution

The Soldier's Box provides a highly secure online storage area for your important documents, photos, videos, passwords and much more. You can even scan or take pictures of documents that are currently in a physical format, like an old photo of your great grandma or your child's first day at school. The Soldier's Box is a repository to store the stuff that really matters to you and to pass this onto those you love - a place where you can rest assured they are backed up and protected with the highest levels of security.

With a Soldier's Box account you can upload, organise and store this important data in a structured fashion and then decide who gets access to what and under which specific circumstances.

You should get a Soldier's Box because it allows you to get to grips with your digital world. You can sort out what is important from the vast quantity of information you have amassed. It's a hugely useful everyday tool and if anything happened to you your loved ones would have a simple, dignified process via our beneficiary process for accessing this vitally important information.