How The Soldier's Box works

Simple to use, private and highly secure


Account setup

Setting up your account is easy. Sign up from our homepage and complete your details.


Security & Privacy

Enhanced login security. Fully encrypted file storage and transfer.


Organise your digital files

Store any digital file and create handy folders to organise your data. If it is a physical file simply photograph or scan and upload.


Create notes

Add handy notes to remind you or your loved ones about important stuff.


Your initiation code

Your unique code gives trusted friends or family the power to unlock your data if anything happens to you.


Assign beneficiaries

Assign your data to beneficiaries who receive the files if your trustee uses your code.


Inform your trustees

Tell your trustees about your code and when they should use it with our handy tools.


The beneficiary process

Once your code gets entered and the delay period you set has passed your beneficiaries will be notified about the data they will inherit.