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The Soldier's Box is an online storage solution that allows users to upload digital files and online account information to a secure cloud based file vault and then assign beneficiaries to these stored assets.

The Soldier's Box is designed to allow users to easily organise and protect their digital lives and ensure that items of emotional, sentimental, practical or financial value are handed down to relevant beneficiaries if anything happens to them.

What would happen to all your digital possessions if you were no longer around or capable of accessing them? How would your family or friends find them? Even if they knew or could guess your passwords would they be able to sort through all of your files to find what is important?

Most of us have thousands of digital files and dozens of online accounts. Some have emotional or sentimental value, family photos, videos and social media accounts for example. Others have financial value such as an online lottery account with money deposited in it. And many have practical value like online mortgage contracts, online banking accounts or the text file where you store all the pin codes for your tablets and iPhones.

The Soldiers Box provides a highly secure online storage area for your important documents, photos and passwords, the stuff that really matters. A place where you can rest assured they are backed up and protected with the highest levels of security. A place that allows you to upload, organise and store important digital data in a structured fashion and then decide who gets access to what and under which specific circumstances.

You should get a Soldiers Box because it allows you to get to grips with your digital world. You can sort out what is important from the vast quantity of digital information you have amassed. It's a hugely useful everyday tool and if anything happened to you your loved ones would have a simple, dignified process for accessing this vitally important information.

You can get a 14 day trial for free. After that you will need a base plan for £36 per year, this is for our 1GB service. Further storage plans are available to suit all users - check out your upgrades page under accounts settings..

Over 100 years ago, soldiers on the frontline during WWI kept their most treasured possessions; personal photos, private letters and important documents in one small box or the tin given to them as a Christmas gift by Princess Mary. In the event the soldier lost his life, this box would be passed to his loved ones. His family would receive the items in his box, just as he would have wanted them to be seen. This box was nick named 'The Soldier's Box'.

We heard this story on the radio and decided to bring the concept of The Soldier's Box up to date. The idea was simple. A digital version of The Soldier's Box where you could organise and store all your most treasured digital possessions; photos, videos, documents, contracts, passwords, in one secure, convenient online place. In the event of anything happening to you, your loved ones will have easy access to everything you want them to keep. Just like the WW1 Soldier's Box.

If you ever need more help you can find the answers to most questions on our frequently asked questions page or visit our help & support page, where you can a submit an enquiry to our support team who will be happy to help.

We strongly recommend you backup all your data and a cloud service is a great option for this. However, these services are designed to back up all of your data indiscriminately and have no mechanism for dealing with inheritance.

You should think of your Soldier's Box as a digital safety deposit box; a place to organise and store what really matters; a managed service that provides a mechanism to pass down anything of value or importance to your loved ones.

You don't need a Will to use The Soldier's Box but we strongly recommend that everyone should have one.

A will removes uncertainty and ensures that your physical and financial assets are dealt with as you would wish if you die.

However, traditional Wills do not lend themselves to dealing with digital assets and The Soldier's Box is designed specifically to deal with this issue.

If you do have a Will we recommend that you reinforce your Soldier's Box by adding your initiation code and a note about your wishes to it.

You will need to inform your trustee or trustees of your initiation code and wishes. The easiest way to do this is via our automated letter creation service included in your Soldier's Box, this can be emailed or printed directly. This will ensure that they have a physical record of the code and how you wish them to use it.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to go to our homepage and sign up for your free account. The free account is fully functional and this may be enough for your purposes, upgrade options are available under your account settings page, see pricing page for more details.

You'll be asked for your email address and to accept The Soldiers's Box terms and conditions of use. You'll need to verify your email address (to prove it's yours) and then we will take you to a short form to provide us some other key details, a secure password, memorable information and a security question, thats it your in.

Once you've logged in we recommend you read our getting started guide that we email you on first registration for information on how to get the most out of your account, you will also find a copy of this guide in the help section.

How it works

For the best experience login to The Soldier's Box from an internet enabled desktop or laptop with an up to date browser.

The Soldier's Box will work on most internet enabled devices like smartphones and tablets, user experiences will vary.

Click on the 'Forgotten password' or 'Forgotten memorable information' links from the login page and follow the instructions.

If you have forgotten both your password and memorable information or you're still having difficulty you can submit a support ticket from the help & support page.

Don't worry, if you delete a file it will be placed in your 'Managed Deleted Files' section under your 'My Files' tab within your Soldier's Box. You can recover any file or folder from this area.

If you empty the contents your 'Managed Deleted Files' the files will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered so please handle with care.

There are very few restrictions. You can upload any file type up to 1 gigabyte in size.

Our terms and conditions prohibit you from storing any illegal or unlawful content.

The initiation code is the auto generated secure code associated with your account. This code is unique to you and will start the beneficiary process if it's entered on the initiation page.

You can create a code on the account settings's page of your Soldier's Box. If you create a new code, any previous codes become null and void.

The initiation delay is the time period you set to allow you to intervene and halt the beneficiary process. You can set this on the account settings area of your Soldier's Box and it can range between 1 and 30 day's.

A beneficiary is someone who you wish to inherit some or all of your digital assets. Beneficiaries will receive instructions via an email on how to download the data if the beneficiary process has been initiated and the delay period set by you has elapsed.

Any of the people who you have listed in the 'My People' section of your Soldier's Box can become a beneficiary to any file(s) or note(s).(s).

This is entirley up to you but we would recommend that you do notfiy them, we have included an optional notification service in your Soldier's Box, so everytime you create a new person you can let them know using a simple editable template.

The beneficiary process is what happens when one of your account trustees enters your initiation code and triggers the inheritance process.

Once this code has been entered the only functions you can perform as an account holder is to halt the beneficiary process during the delay period you have set.

You can halt the beneficiary process at any time during the delay period you set when you created your initiation code.

If the beneficiary process does not get halted and the delay period elapses any beneficiaries are notified with instructions via email and they then have 60 days to retrieve any data you have assigned to them.

Beneficiaries can inherit your data but only account trustees can begin the beneficiary process.

You will need to carefully decide on a trustee or trustees for your account and the specific circumstances you wish to trigger your beneficiary process. Usually this will be on the event of your death but it's completely up to you. For example you may wish a loved one to have access to some digital assets if you became very ill or were unable to attend to your own affairs.

An account trustee should be someone that you trust completely to carry out your instructions. They become your trustee by virtue of knowing your initiation code and your instructions for how you want it to be used. You could simply tell them this information yourself but this runs the risk of them forgetting the code. For this reason we recommend you use our automated service, this provides you with a simple editable template that can be emailed or printed and posted directly to your trustee or trustees. If you want to send someone using the automated service they will need to be added to your My People page first.

No, their role is simply to initiate the beneficiary process. They have no access to files within your Soldier's Box unless they have separately been assigned as a beneficiary; and only then after the beneficiary process has been completed, just like any other beneficiary.

If you no longer wish your current trustee(s) to be the trustee(s) for your account, you can change this at anytime.

You simply generate a new initiation code on your 'My Account' page. This makes the old code redundant.

You would need to update your last Will or testament and / or send the new trustee(s) details of the new code. We recommend using our automated service for that.

Beneficiaries are notified via their their email address. This will only happen after your delay period has elapsed.

Let's take the the following example:

You set a 14 day delay period. Then, as per the circumstances you laid out, your trustee inputs the initiation code and triggers the beneficiary process. 14 days later, if the beneficiary process has not been stopped by you, email's will be sent to any beneficiaries with details on how to access the data you have left them in your Soldier's Box.

A beneficiary may be unaware that they have been assigned any data until this point. Unless, of course, you decided to tell them yourself. See Do I need to inform my beneficiaries about my Soldier's Box? FAQ.

Your trustee has 60 days to enter the initiation code.

A Soldier's Box account holder has decided to entrust you with the responsibility of carrying out their wishes should they be unable to do so.

You should have been given an initiation code and the account holder should have made it clear to you the specific circumstances which they wish to prompt you to use it. Typically this will be on the event of their death but it's completely up to them. For example they may wish a loved one to have access to some digital assets if they became very ill or were unable to attend to their own affairs.

If you are satisfied that the circumstances they specified have occurred then you should visit the initiation page provided to you and enter the code which will begin the Beneficiary Process.

Don't worry if you are unsure as the beneficiary process allows the account holder ample opportunity to halt process if they feel it has been entered in error.

Yes, you can add as many beneficiaries as you like to the same file or note.

Security and billing

Yes, absolutely. At The Soldier's Box we have made it our top priority to ensure a maximum level of security and confidentiality for your data. No one but you, not even The Soldier's Box team members, is ever able to access or view data in your Soldier's Box.

Access to your Soldier's Box requires three pieces of information. In addition to a username and password you will need to provide three random letters or numbers from your memorable information you setup at registration selected from a drop down menu provided. This helps prove that it is really you trying to gain access to your account.

All data stored and data transfers are protected with sophisticated encryption technology. We use AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption standards. These encryption methods are designed to provide a maximum level of protection.

Our server infrastructure is hosted on the award winning AWS platform, trusted by NASA, banking groups, Netflix, Channel 4 and many other blue chip organisations. AWS is a highly secure and robust platform featuring the very latest load balancing, auto scaling and redundancy technology.

We continually review our security processes and regularly perform independent penetration testing. We also subscribe to the industry's top security monitoring services, trusted by the financial sector.

You will be billed on the annivesary of your original purchase date, any storage upgrade's you have purchased during your subscription period will be pro rated to coincide with this date. We'll take payments automatically from the card you signed up with unless you decide to cancel any of your subscriptions.

If your card payment fails or your card expires one of our support team will contact you to arrange an alternative payment method.